Can Grass Grow Under Protective Ground Matting?

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Grass is a vital part of many landscapes, but it can suffer from significant damage from heavy equipment. For businesses that rely on such machinery, protecting your clients' property is crucial.

Can grass thrive even under protective ground matting? Wright Environmental is aware of the impact different ground protection methods have on grass health and has recognized the need for effective solutions in industries like landscaping and tree cutting.

Why Does Grass Die Under Certain Forms of Ground Protection?

Heavy equipment can be hard on grass due to the intense pressure it puts on the soil. When these machines are used, the ground underneath gets tightly compressed, making it difficult for the roots of to get the air, water, and nutrients they need.

Just covering the grass isn't enough; the type of protection matters a lot for the health of the grass. If a covering doesn't spread the weight of the machinery evenly, the soil can become too compacted, and the grass won't thrive.

Some ground covers might block important sunlight and air, both vital for grass to grow. Without enough sunlight, grass can't create the energy it needs. Additionally, certain types of ground covers, like some rubber mats, can trap moisture, leading to mold and root diseases. It's important to choose the right kind of protection that considers the weight of your equipment and the material of the ground cover.

How Long Can You Keep Grass Covered Before It Dies?

When using ground protection mats, it's crucial to consider how long grass can stay healthy underneath them. Grass starts to lose its color within the first 24 hours of coverage, a sign of distress due to missing sunlight, which is vital for its photosynthesis. This lack of light stops the grass from making chlorophyll, causing it to lose its green color. If the cover stays on for more than a day, the grass's condition worsens quickly. After 48 to 72 hours, the lack of sunlight, air, and water can even kill the grass.

Recovery time for the affected grass depends on how long it was covered and the type of mat used. Some grass can revive in days, while others could take weeks. In cases where the grass was covered for too long, you might need to reseed to get the lawn back in shape. This emphasizes the need to choose the proper mat and not leave it on for too long.

Protect your lawn with Wright Environmental Ground mats
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What Ground Protection Mat Can Keep Grass Alive the Best?

Choosing the right ground protection mat is key to keeping grass alive under heavy equipment. The best mats are those that let air flow and some light through, keeping the grass healthy. Wright Environmental offers high-quality mats that do just this. They evenly spread the weight of heavy machines, reducing soil compaction that can harm the grass. Some mats are even made to minimize grass damage, helping keep the lawn underneath vibrant and healthy. These mats provide strong support for heavy equipment while also taking care of the grass, making them a great choice for businesses that want to keep their outdoor spaces looking good.

Contact Wright Environmental for Ground Protection Mats in Boise!

Are you ready to make the switch to ground protection mats that allow your grass to stay alive? We're all about durable, safe, and eco-friendly mats, perfect for heavy equipment. Our team is here to provide you with all the info and competitive quotes you need. Check out Wright Environmental’s wide range of products, or give us a call today! Offering nationwide shipping and the best prices for mats plus shipping in the U.S., Wright Environmental is your reliable partner for keeping your landscapes in their best condition.


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