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At Wright Environmental LLC, we offer a range of ground protection mats that are designed to withstand the demands of heavy equipment while protecting the environment.

Mat Sizes

Our mats come in three sizes, 3x8 and 4x8, and Lite 4x8, to suit your specific needs.

  • 3x8 Mats - $200 each
    *$5,250/pallet of 30 (discount at $175/mat)
  • 4x8 Mats - $250 each
    *$6,750/pallet of 30 (discount at $225/mat)
  • Lite 4x8 Mats - $215 each
    *$5,850/pallet of 30 (discount at $195/mat)

Rentals Available!

  • 3x8 (Per Mat) - $12/day | $16/week | $40/month
  • 4x8 (Per Mat) - $15/day | $20/week | $50/month
  • Lite 4x8 - Not Available for Rental

*Rentals limited to 20 mat + 3 day minimums

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ground protection mats

Mat Features

Our ground protection mats feature:

  • 1/2" thick rubber-infused High-Density Polyethylene (HDPE) construction
  • Diamond pattern cleats on one side and a less aggressive "v" pattern on the other to reduce slippage
  • Flexible, lightweight design that can handle up to 90 tons
  • Eco-friendly and translucent material that allows sunlight through to protect the grass below
  • Unconditional lifetime warranty against, but not limited to: cracking, breaking, splintering and chipping

We also provide freight shipping quotes and can have our ground protection mats sent directly to your commercial location.

The Lite 4x8 Mat in Tan

The NEW Lite 4x8

Features of the Lite 4x8 include:

  • 20 Lbs lighter for greater mobility
  • Tan coloration 

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