Tips on Ordering the Right Number of Ground Protection Mats For Your Project in Boise

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When embarking on a construction or landscaping project, protecting your site's terrain is a top priority. Ground protection mats play an essential role in this, offering both stability and protection. But how do you determine the right number of ground protection mats for your project? With Wright Environmental's expertise and range of options, you'll find the perfect solution tailored to your project's needs.

Are Ground Protection Mats a Good Investment?

Investing in ground protection mats is a wise decision for several reasons. 

  1. The mats help reduce soil compaction and physical wear to the terrain, which is important in maintaining the site's integrity. This is especially important in sensitive environmental areas or on lawns where damage needs to be minimized. 
  2. Ground protection mats provide a stable platform, significantly reducing the risk of heavy machinery getting stuck and ensuring smoother operational flow. Their durability also means that these mats can be reused across multiple projects, offering excellent value for money in the long term. 

If you’re looking to balance cost-effectiveness with environmental responsibility, ground protection mats are an essential investment.

ground protection mats easy to move


How Many Ground Protection Mats Do You Need?

To determine the number of ground protection mats you’ll need, start by assessing the size and nature of the site; larger areas or terrains with more delicate surfaces may require the use of more mats. Measure the distance from where heavy equipment can be safely parked or delivered to the point of use. This distance will give you a good indication of the number of mats needed to ensure safe and effective coverage. 

To be more economical, consider strategically moving and reusing mats within the site, which can reduce the total quantity required without compromising protection.

What Dimensions of Ground Protection Mats Does Wright Environmental Sell?

Wright Environmental caters to a diverse range of project needs by offering ground protection mats in two primary sizes: 3ft x 8ft and 4ft x 8ft. The choice of size depends largely on the type of machinery being used and the specific requirements of your project. For instance, wider equipment might necessitate the larger 4ft x 8ft mats. While these are the standard dimensions offered, Wright Environmental's commitment to customer satisfaction means they are always ready to provide guidance on the best choices for unique project needs.

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Contact Wright Environmental for Ground Protection Mats in Boise!

Are you in the market for an effective solution to protect grounds and save costs? Wright Environmental is your go-to destination. For those interested in browsing our offerings, all prices are listed on our products page. We are conveniently located in Boise on Gowen Road, and we facilitate mat pick-ups in the Treasure Valley area and the connecting western states. 

Are you beyond our immediate vicinity? No worries! We ship throughout the U.S., ensuring that businesses everywhere can benefit from our top-notch ground protection mats at the lowest costs. Contact Wright Environmental today to place an order, or give us a call at 908-752-1039. Choose wisely; choose Wright Environmental.


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