What Are Ground Protection Mats Used For?

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Ground protection mats are emerging as a game-changer in various outdoor operations, preserving the integrity of natural and constructed landscapes. Their utility spans a wide range of industries, offering a solution to one of the most common yet challenging aspects of outdoor work - preserving the ground underneath.

From landscapers to event planners, these mats play a critical role in ensuring that operations leave minimal environmental footprint, balancing industrial needs with ecological sensitivity. Wright Environmental, based in Boise, Idaho is the premier dealer of ground protection mats in the Pacific Northwest and to the rest of the United States.

Crane using ground protection mats

What Industries Can Benefit From Having Ground Protection Mats to Use On Client’s Properties?

Landscapers and arborists frequently use heavy machinery that can harm delicate lawns and garden areas. Construction teams, while working on new builds or renovations, need to preserve the existing landscapes.

Event and music vendors, who often set up large, temporary structures, rely on these mats to protect grounds from extensive foot traffic and equipment damage.

Similarly, heavy equipment operators in different sectors can use these mats to ensure that while they carry out their tasks, the natural beauty and structure of the client's property remain unscathed.

These industries benefit significantly from the protective qualities of ground mats, ensuring their operations don't leave a lasting negative impact on the sites they work on.

Where Can Ground Protection Mats Be Used?

Ground protection mats offer versatile applications across various terrains and settings. They are particularly effective on grasslands and gardens, where they prevent damage to the natural landscape. In construction or event setups on concrete surfaces, these mats can safeguard against cracks and breakage. Muddy areas, prone to becoming quagmires under heavy footfall or machinery, can be stabilized with these mats, maintaining accessibility and safety.

Additionally, they are ideal for creating temporary pathways or roads in uneven terrains, such as fields or sandy areas, ensuring smooth operations without causing long-term environmental harm. This adaptability makes ground protection mats an essential tool for many outdoor activities and projects.

tire marks on grass from not using ground protection mats

The Benefits of Ground Protection Mats For Grass?

Ground protection mats offer several benefits for maintaining grass health:

  • Weight Distribution: They distribute the weight of machinery and foot traffic, preventing soil compaction and preserving grassroots.
  • Light Penetration: High-quality mats, like those from Wright Environmental, are designed to allow UV light through, facilitating grass photosynthesis.
  • Temperature Regulation: These mats can insulate grass from extreme temperature variations, creating a microenvironment beneficial for grass health.

By using these mats, professionals can ensure that grass areas remain healthy and vibrant, even after heavy usage or in challenging conditions.

Contact Wright Environmental for Ground Protection Mats in Boise!

Are you in the market for an effective solution to protect grounds and save costs? Wright Environmental is your go-to destination. For those interested in browsing our offerings, all prices are listed on our products page. We are conveniently located in Boise on Gowen Road, and we facilitate mat pick-ups in the Treasure Valley area and the connecting western states. 

Are you beyond our immediate vicinity? No worries! We ship throughout the U.S., ensuring that businesses everywhere can benefit from our top-notch ground protection mats at the lowest costs. Contact Wright Environmental today to place an order, or give us a call at 908-752-1039. Choose wisely; choose Wright Environmental.



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