Will a Skid Steer Ruin a Lawn?

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When it comes to landscaping or construction, the use of heavy machinery like skid steers is often inevitable. However, a common concern is whether these powerful machines will cause damage to your lush lawns. Wright Environmental aims to guide you in protecting your green spaces while efficiently handling heavy-duty tasks by exploring ways to minimize lawn damage.

Do Tracked Skid Steers Tear Up Grass?

Despite their utility, tracked skid steers pose a risk to your lawn. The significant weight of these machines can lead to soil compaction and stress on grass, even with tracks designed for weight distribution. The nature of skid steers, which turn by skidding, is particularly hard on lawns, often tearing or uprooting grass, especially in conditions where the ground is soft or moist. Additionally, the friction generated by the tracks can create heat, which may harm delicate grass blades. It’s important to understand these risks when operating skid steers on grassy surfaces.

skid steer on lawn

Are Tracks or Tires Better for Skid Steers on Grass?

Skid steers can have tires or tracks, but they can both be detrimental to the health of the grass they are operated on. While tires might appear less harmful at first glance, they can dig into and tear up the lawn during sharp turns and, especially on wet soil, create ruts. Tracks, although better at distributing weight, still have a skidding mechanism that can be hard on grass.

Ultimately, the primary concern is the weight of the machinery; regardless of whether it's equipped with tracks or tires, heavy equipment can be detrimental to lawn health.

What is the Best Way to Protect a Lawn From Skid Steer Damage?

Protecting your lawn from skid steer damage requires strategic planning and the right tools. It's suggested to operate these machines during dry conditions, as moist soil is more vulnerable to damage. Minimizing rapid or sharp turns can significantly reduce the chances of tearing the grass.

The most effective safeguard, however, is the use of ground protection mats. These mats not only distribute the weight of the machinery but also prevent direct contact with the grass. By providing a stable platform for skid steer operations, these mats play an important role in minimizing lawn damage.

heavy equipment on ground protection mats

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