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If you have a job that requires heavy equipment, foot traffic, and ground protection, but you are worried about killing the grass after, Wright Environmental in Boise is ready to help. Our ground matting allows UV rays to reach the grass, preventing it from dying, saving you time and money replacing it.
In industries where heavy machinery and outdoor projects are the norms, maintaining the integrity of the ground is a persistent challenge. Ground protection mats have emerged as a go-to solution for preserving surfaces under the strain of heavy loads and constant movement.
In the world of heavy equipment operation, the task of protecting the underlying grass is often underestimated. Many turn to plywood as a quick-fix solution, but this approach is filled with limitations. For those in the business – like heavy equipment owners, landscapers, or arborists – understanding why plywood is a suboptimal choice and recognizing the better alternatives is essential for both economic and environmental reasons.

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